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The Straightforward Guide to Graphic Design – Part 1

The Straightforward Guide to Graphic Design – Part 1
A graphic designer can often be misunderstood and we've been wondering why. The answer, we've decided, is simple.

The Straightforward Guide to Graphic Design – Part 1 Introduction

If you’re reading this, then chances are you are (or have been) involved with a graphic designer at some stage in your career.

If so, then there is little doubt that you will have experienced each and every one of the emotions known to man. From confusion (when they ramble on about vector vs raster, CMYK vs RGB and .eps vs .png files). Anxiety (what if they’re too busy playing table football to meet your deadline?). To outright euphoria when they present you with their latest mindblowing concepts.

Of course, a graphic designer (and their work) can often be misunderstood and we’ve been wondering why. The answer, we’ve decided, is simple…

Designers are problem solvers, but our solutions come from our own imaginations. Unlike in many other industries where products and services can be automated, processed or algorithm-driven. The design experience is one that is always unique and often very personal too.

What we create has been carefully considered, crafted, analysed and refined until it’s nothing short of perfect.

It’s highly probable that for every piece of creative your graphic designer presents to you, there’ll be another ten that they eliminated earlier in the process.

The problem? While designers are masters in their creative craft, they’re not always quite so masterful when it comes to articulating our thought processes (and the journey we’ve undertaken to reach the result we have) to our clients.

Within this series of posts, we’ve done our best to rectify that by offering you a brief, but hopefully an insightful glimpse into our minds. From the reasons we ask all the questions we do; to why (and how) what we do adds value to your business. We’re laying it all bare so that you can see that. While our creative heads may be in the clouds, our business feet are firmly on the ground. No jargon, just a straightforward guide to graphic design.

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