Posted on 6th August, 2019

We worked alongside Dry Verge Systems as they prepare to take their products to market. By developing brand identities for both their universal ‘Verge Wizard‘ and professional ‘Verge Master‘ product systems. We also created a sleek corporate style that we’ve rolled out across their trade packaging,¬†product brochures and installation guides.

With their new brand launched and all of the literature hot off the press, we are now looking forward to the next stage in the brand’s¬†development!

Dry Verge Master A4 Booklet

Verge Mater A4 booklet.

Dry Verge Wizard A4 Booklet

Verge Wizard A4 booklet.

Dry verge systems is a product used when the roof tiles are finished on an open edge on the side of the roof slope. This is sometimes referred to as a gable on a double pitched roof. The dry verge laps over the top of the roof tile and down its side. It is then fixed to a wooden or plastic barge board (fascia board).

The tiles at the edge are more visible than those in the centre of the roof. So that they are more easily blown up and off the roof, the dry verge prevents them from being visible and helps to protect this line of tiles in the pitch of the roofs. Apart from protecting the roof tiles, the dry edge also makes this bordering line more aesthetically pleasing.

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