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Digital Marketing Strategies to Help Your Business Bounce Back

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Digital Marketing Strategies to Help Your Business Bounce Back
While impressions and views matter, engagement is a great barometer of a marketing campaign's success.

Digital Marketing Strategies to Help Your Business Bounce Back – The global pandemic has changed modern life as we know it. It has brought the world to a screeching halt, causing unprecedented damage to the economy alongside it. Unfortunately, the consequences of COVID aren’t experienced equally — especially when it comes to corporations and companies. The Guardian’s report on the economic effects of the pandemic reveals that small and medium-sized businesses have been devastated the most by the coronavirus outbreak.

As the world continues to grapple with the ‘new normal,’ it’s time to look forward and start thinking about how businesses can bounce back. Now, if you’ve read our article Business Failures: When Marketing Goes Wrong, then you understand that you have to play things right when it comes to marketing. This is because any mistakes could have serious repercussions for your brand or business. To keep this from happening and save you from potential mistakes. We have put together a list of digital marketing strategies to help your business recover in a post-pandemic world!

Personalise Marketing

The last thing you want to do in the digital age is to create generic content. In fact, digital marketers experts on The Drum state that the pandemic impacted how businesses interact with customers. With people worldwide experiencing significant stress, consumers want brands that feel more human and personal.

A great way to personalise your marketing efforts is through the use of data. By keeping track of trends and relevant issues, you will make informed marketing decisions based on what matters to your customer base. You can start by sending out customised newsletters to your customers based on their spending habits or products they might enjoy.

Optimise Content

Another strategy to improve your digital presence is to optimise your online content for maximum visibility using SEO. While you may think this is a no-brainer, an article on Small Business Trends finds that only 30% of small businesses use SEO, which means that 70% are missing out on more website traffic and opportunities to convert more customers. True enough, SEO experts at Ayima point out that small businesses tend to struggle with optimising their content, which can hinder them from boosting the ranking of their site or e-commerce shop.

Publishing content in line with what consumers are searching for and what your target market is interested in is an excellent place to start. For one, you can try adding a blog section to your shop. This can be a platform where you can add relevant keywords to your website. To make this even more useful, ensure that your blog is continually being updated with new content.

Use Chatbots

Customer engagement has always been an essential aspect of digital marketing. Adage writer Latane Conant explains that, while impressions and views matter, engagement is an excellent barometer of a marketing campaign’s success. But how do you go about raising your business’ overall engagement?

Chatbots are one of the best ways to do this. Chatbots allow your business to interact with your customers without hiring human customer service representatives. An important thing to note here is that chatbots aren’t made to replace human customer service staff. They are to be used in unity with them to provide the best customer experience possible. It’s also best to use chatbots for simple issues, as they aren’t really equipped to address complex problems that require critical thinking.

Business Failures – when marketing goes wrong!

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