It’s 2020, and across the globe, online video consumption continues to rise…

Recent figures show that 2 billion videos are watched every single day on Twitter and 500 hours are uploaded to YouTube every single minute. (That’s around 720,000 hours per day). The figure on Facebook is around 100 million hours per day and growing. This upward trend not only shows no sign of slowing down but according to forecasts is set to grow further.

But what does this mean for your business?

Quite simply, if you haven’t yet embedded any kind of immersive content into your digital marketing plan, you’re missing out, and here are just a few reasons why:

  • On average, there is a 1200% increase in the number of shares of video content over non-video content.
  • 49% of those using video content grow revenue faster than those who don’t and 52% of digital marketers name video as the content with the best ROI

From product demos to explainer videos, video achieves unrivalled levels of engagement, but as customers are increasingly confronted with endless streams of content on every online platform, it’s important you get it right. To be truly effective, you’ll need to break through all of the white noise to reach the right people, with the right content.

Motion graphics and animation can help you achieve just that.

Pushed for time (we live in a hectic world) and with so much other content a single click away, your customers have to prioritise so understandably, the prospect of sitting back to watch a 20-minute film about your latest product may not make it onto their ‘to-do’ list.

A short and snappy animation, however, can be quite a different story…

By using dynamic colours, transitions and typography, creative animations can make factual content, such as statistics, data and demos, exciting and entertaining to consume. By presenting your target audience with ‘bitesize’ gifs or ‘at a glance’ animations you’ll have a far greater chance of capturing (and holding) their attention.

Three top tips for getting it right…

Keep it short

A 5-30 second animation is the perfect length for social media. The key is to catch their eye, delivering the right information in a concise way, and leaving them wanting more. You want them to click on your video and visit your website right?

For example, the animations that we create for Flo Software work perfectly within their brand and their digital marketing due to them being short and simplistic animations that are straight to the point and very easy for their audiences to consume.

Keep on brand

Your brand image is an essential part of your profile online and with all the other content floating around the web, it is important to make sure that your motion graphic content is designed with your business branding in mind. Build synergy and as a result, you’ll build recognition too.

Be memorable

Nobody wants to be bored, so whatever your content, if you want it to have an impact, you need to make it memorable. Be attention-grabbing from the outset, so that people don’t just scroll on by.

Perhaps most importantly of all, when it comes to bringing your brand to life online, there is no substitute for working with a professional. Done right, motion graphics are a great way for you to add character and emotion to your brand, making it memorable and most importantly – shareable too!

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